In Pieces

22 Nov 2019 - 20 Apr 2020 - Great Northern Warehouse - MANCHESTER


IN PIECES is an extraordinary multimedia collaboration between the American sculptor and the Australian photographer Dean West.

The photos in the series IN PIECES depict scenes of Americana with an added curious twist­ as each photo features one or more LEGO sculptures hidden in plain sight. The exhibition features highly stylised photographic representations of contemporary life that incorporate exquisitely detailed LEGO objects which also appear on display.

The images have been constructed by combining West’s modern photography techniques and Sawaya’s unique sculptures made out of LEGO. Key to the narrative and aesthetic of the photographic series, Sawaya’s sculptures are much like the construction of a digital photograph. Thousands of bricks are glued together to form recognisable objects, much like the assembly of pixels in a digital image. The similarities in technology not only help shape the aesthetic of IN PIECES they are key to deconstructing the composition of each tableau.

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