Frequently Asked Questions

22 Nov 2019 - 20 Apr 2020 - Great Northern Warehouse - MANCHESTER

Q:  Should I book in advance can I purchase at the door?

A:  We strongly advise people to book tickets for weekends and any school holiday periods, some tickets can be purchased on site but you may not get a timeslot you require and you will have to queue.


Q:  Can I leave the child in the buggy?

A:  No you cannot, all buggies must be checked at the entrance.


Q:  Can we bring in food or drinks?

A:  No food or drink are allowed in the exhibition hall. We do have tables outside the exhibit for visitors to use.


Q:  Can I take bags or luggage into the exhibition?

A:   We have a free cloakroom. Backpacks and luggage must be checked.  Bags left are at the owner’s own risk.


Q:  If I miss my timeslot or I am early will I get in?

A:  We will accommodate where we can both situations.


Q:  Can we touch the exhibits?

A:  Absolutely NO TOUCHING of the exhibits or the plinths is allowed.  There will be plenty of opportunity to get hand-on in the interactive play zone at the end of the exhibition.


Q:  Can I take photos during the experience?

A:  Yes, but please don’t use a flash. Don’t forget to share your photos on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram!


Q:  How long will it take to visit?

A:  Obviously everyone is different but we would say to allow for at least 45 to 75 minutes, depending on if you can drag yourself away from the play zone!


Q:  Is the Exhibition accessible to all needs?

A:  Yes, it is fully accessible from the main entrance for any wheelchair users and all areas inside are accessible.


Q:  How do I organise special needs access?

A:  Please contact the AOTB admin office at admin@aotbmanchester.co.uk


Q: Where are the toilets?

A:  The toilets are located in the exhibition space.


Q:  When does the exhibition end?

A:   The last day of the exhibition in Manchester is April 20th 2020.


Q:  Is there a shop?

A:  Yes, it is at the end of the exhibition by the interactive play zone.


Q:  Is my ticket reusable once I have finished the exhibition?

A:  No, the ticket is only redeemable once, you will need to pay for another ticket if you would like to experience the exhibition again.


Q:  Is the exhibition touring elsewhere in the UK?

A:  No.  At the present time there are no plans to tour this elsewhere in the UK.